Section Introduction

Considerations for Professional Interpreters

Review and Discussion Forums

In the following sections, review the resources provided and participate in a diagloge about your thoughts, questions and observations. How could these areas of interest provide advancement in the feild of practice for Interpreters?

If a specific question isn't posted, consider the following questions when reviewing the articles?

  1. What is new learning from this resource?
  2. How can I use this resource to advocate for the interpreting profession?
  3. Do I disagree with anything in this resource?
  4. In what stage of my career is this information most valuable?
  5. What is my biggest take-away after reviewing this information?

In this section we will cover the following areas of practice: debriefing, mentoring and supervision, working with Deaf Interpreters, Vicarious Trauma and compassion fatigue, self-care, occupational health and safety, Demand-Control Schema and Ethics.

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