What to expect in this course

Thank you for your interest in the Mental Health Interpreting - Level One online modules. The information provided in this course is the equivalent of a 3-day training. My hope is that interpreters will complete this training with a curious mind to deepen their understanding and competence when working in mental health settings.

Interpreters are most often generalists and do not have the time to pursue an advanced education in mental health speciality in addition to their professional practice as interpreters. Given that the field of mental health is one of the most lacking in interpreting-specific resources, I developed this self-guided training to provide exposure to the theoretical aspects of mental health work. 

In future course offerings, the goal is to develop disorder and intervention specific modules to help understand how a mental health clinician may approach a client using a theoretical framework. I do hope this information is useful to you and welcome you to make requests for further training.

I'm hoping that as it evolves we will able to have more options for video discussions to include more ASL.

This course was developed by a Registered Clinical Counsellor, who is also a Certified ASL Interpreter working in British Columbia Canada. This course is a repository of information gathered from various sources to expose interpreters to some of the considerations that therapists use to support clients in mental health settings.

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